Ewald, Ewald Junior and Little Sir Ewald are Estonian trademarks that offer a wide selection of men's and boy's dress shirts. All production takes place in Tallinn on the territory of the historic Mayeri plant. Each shirt is a product of 80 years of shirt manufacturing experience and Northern quality.

Although Ewald is a newcomer on the Estonian market, the history of the brand begins in 1933, when it was first born in Finland. Ewald has been growing and developing in Estonia for the past 22 years and has gone through a lot of changes. When Ewald started out, it was directed at larger men who prefer classic patters and only straight cuts. Once Ewald became a local brand and began entering the domestic market, the target group also grew and three body shapes – slim, modern and classic – replaced the previous single shape. The choice between the different shapes should be based on how loose the wearer prefers his shirt to be. The extra long and extra large body shapes have also been added to the selection. The shirts available at our shop go up to a neck circumference of 56. This can be considered one of our advantages as even people who wear very large sizes can find a suitable shirt.

In 2014, we decided to explore another, slightly smaller and more playful world – the Little Sir Ewald trademark that is directed at 74 to 116 cm tall boys was born. The shirts for young sirs are more colourful and merry, while making no cutbacks in production or fabric quality.

Once Little Sir Ewald had been launched, demand also increased for shirts for older boys, and so, in the spring of the same year, another trademark – Ewald Junior – was added to our shirt family to cater to 120 to 170 cm tall young men.

In short, any man, regardless of their age, can find a shirt for themselves from our selection. As we produce shirts for men and children alike, our selection also includes so-called father-son or little and big brother shirt sets.